Carbonite Case Study


Extending Carbonite’s influence into the SMB channel

Wire Stone powers Carbonite’s expansion with a customer-experience engine

Carbonite was the dominant player in consumer cloud backup when it engaged Wire Stone in 2014 to develop a new SMB-focused identity platform. Within six months we became its agency of record, tasked with building a customer experience engine (CEE) to escalate customer conversions.

We quickly discovered that what was limiting Carbonite’s SMB reach was brand perception, not brand awareness. We designed and developed a CEE with a micro-focus on audience segmentation, lifecycle identification, and the delivery of customized messages, content, and buy flows.

In addition to supporting CEE strategy and analytics, we’re responsible for generating the content that fuels it—radio broadcasts, video, motion graphics, and digital collateral—all carefully calibrated to speak to specific audiences in specific ways at specific times. This shift from one-size-fits-all marketing to strategic segmentation required complete internal buy-in, so we developed a launch campaign that educated while it inspired, rallying everyone under the same banner.

How Server Backup Works

Over the past two years, the channel’s perception of the brand has evolved exactly as planned—since teaming up with Wire Stone, Carbonite has grown its SMB booking by 124 percent year over year, while dramatically increasing its return on ad spend.